Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Testing HTTPS Secured Actions with StrutsTestCase

If you have secured some Struts actions using SSLEXT's Struts plugin (org.apache.struts.action.SecurePlugIn) you will have to invoke the action over https, else SSLEXT will redirect to the configured HTTPS port.

So in order to test secured actions using MockStruts test cases you need to inform SecurePlugIn that the request came over https. This is quite easy as the HttpServletRequestSimulator class that's used by MockStruts has a setScheme method. All you have to do is set the scheme to HTTPS in the inherited request object before calling the actionPerform method in the test class.


public class LoginTest extends MockStrutsTestCase {
public void testlogin() {
addRequestParameter("username", "test");
addRequestParameter("password", "test1234");

//set the request's scheme to HTTPS
//invoke action


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